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Connect with potential customers with our one to one marketing solutions. Communicate through the use of variable data printing and personalized URLs (PURLs). This marriage of print and internet communication tactics results in a direct marketing solution with higher response rates and increased return on marketing investment

By offering prospects relevant, compelling offers, you’ll enjoy potential double digit response rates – 3 to 5 times industry average! PURLs allow you to:

  • Upsell and cross sell to current customers
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Develop and reinforce customer relationships
  • Track response rates for each recipient
  • Easily calculate campaign return on investment(ROI)

Compelling, innovative one to one marketing involves these four steps:

Step 1. Mail
Send personalized, variable printed mailers directing the recipient to visit their own personal web landing page (called a Personalized URL or PURL) to receive a special gift, information or other compelling offer.

Step 2. Personalized Web Page
Recipients log on to their personalized web landing page that has unique content. Each personalized web page is specific to the individual that it is named after (i.e.: FirstnameLastname.yourcompany.com) and is designed to provide a personal experience for the visitor. In addition, this gathers information about visitors for your organization.

Step 3. Email Response
Recipients receive a confirmation email response and instructions or information on receiving their promotional offer.

Step 4. Track and Measure
Unlike regular websites, Personalized URLs (PURLs) are 100% trackable. When your recipient logs on to their custom page, their action is tracked for you to view. By accessing your dashboard, you will receive live, accurate campaign data.

Pass warm leads to your sales force and analyze statistics for ROI analysis. Receive timely, relevant data that has been unobtainable until now!

Included in the solution:

  • Customized direct mail campaign that contains variable personalized elements
  • Custom broadcast email with variable personalized elements
  • Personal web landing page for each direct mail recipient
  • Email response upon web page visitation

Dashboard control panel to provide live, accurate campaign data and statistics for ROI analysis

Just four steps create direct marketing campaigns that produce results!

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